Joel Hunt Host of The H-Train Show on Military Brotherhood Radio, Veteran, Paralympian Skier

Eli Steele Award-winning documentary filmmaker | Director of How Jack Became Black

Franco Francese Owner of Mattone Restaurant and Bar

I have watched Laura's television acting career from afar for many years and would connect with her on occasion when she was in town from L.A. visiting family. We have been serving her and her family as customers of my restaurant for many years. I was uncertain at first if PR would be a good fit into our marketing strategy, but Laura and Taylor have been very helpful with many different aspects of marketing that I was not familiar with. They use their expertise and vast contacts to help us penetrate areas like TV and Radio. Those were areas that I felt were outside of our budget, but Laura and Taylor make it possible. I value our relationship as we continue to grow our business. I highly recommend her services.  

It is truly a pleasure working with Laura and her team at Laura Orrico PR— not only is Laura extremely well connected, but she is always quick to respond with professionalism and grace to any challenge thrown her way. In this digital age, it is difficult to find anyone that provides personalized attention like Laura does, and in the PR realm, it is easy to see that her drive and up-to-the-minute attentiveness are key components of her success and productivity. We’re lucky to have found Laura!

Gary Ray Moore Actor (House of Cards, Almost Friends (pictured right with Marg Helgenberger and Freddie Highmore)

I have spent weeks giving my testimonial for Laura Orrico Public Relations, LLC the utmost heartfelt and genuine response, so it is hard to put into words. When I started, I told her that I wanted the name (my radio show) to get out there, not because of my public persona, but to reach more Vets. We have a very high suicide rate among vets returning from war, and our efforts are to help stop that from happening. When Laura Orrico and her team were given a month to wort their magic, 3 articles were written, and 5 veterans reached out to me for help instead of feeling it was time to end it because of the continuous fight we have when we come back from serving. Laura and her team also secured 2 radio interviews, secured guests for my show and helped us get to nearly 5,000 followers on Facebook and 1,000 on Instagram and Twitter and it keeps growing. They also helped to get our Twitter account verified! And she’s a good ear for you when you need to vent. These gals work hard! 

Ric Morgan Actor | Producer

Karl Monger Founder and CEO of GallantFew, Inc.

Matt Wells Founder and President of True Mother Records | Recording Artist - Jaded Lover​

My touring band, Super Diamond, wanted to boost ticket sales in Chicago, and we did that by using Laura and her staff. We started off by providing all of our information, from recent photos to links and bios. They chose the best photos and used the information we provided to write up brilliant press releases, which were posted on our social media and sent out to all of their networks. Within days, we had a featured interview on a popular entertainment website, three radio interview/performances and an interview/performance for a local Chicago TV show.

I was impressed with their hard work and excellence in detail. Particularly, the detail in communication and information. For interviews, I need to know where, when, who and how, and they made it clear and extremely easy. During and after each radio/TV interview/performance, Laura and Taylor took photos and video, then posted them, along with the official media clips/articles from the stations, on our social media. All this, and when I thought it was all over, they also sent me a zip file of all of the photos and video they took. It was clear to me that the press and media people loved working with Laura and Taylor as much as we did!

Randy Cordeiro Surreal Neil, frontman of Super Diamond

As an Indie Author, it is very difficult to reach an effective number of readers and get the word out about your books. When the primary form of promoting is done through popular social media sites, your books can easily be over looked along with all the other authors paying for similar advertising. Laura Orrico Public Relations can do things for your business that you cannot do on your own. Not only does Laura have the background and knowledge of what reaches an audience faster, but most importantly she has all of the right connections to get things done.

It’s all about who you know and Laura’s persistence, and hard work has connected me with people I never would have been able to reach on my own. Vaughn Johseph with V3TV, SexMag Magazine, Mancow on 97.9 The Loop, Brazen Woman, Men’s Health, and USA Today, just to name a few of the fantastic interviews Laura has gotten my name and books acknowledged, and promoted through. Listing all of those has reminded me, and proves how impressive Laura and her team truly are. Due to a family emergency, I’ve had to pause using Laura’s services for the time being. I want to mention this because I also cannot truly express how grateful I am to have such a kind-hearted PR rep. She continuously checked in on me and my family on a personal level, and she took care of all the stress and hard work I couldn’t focus on. I sincerely look forward to working with Laura and her team again in the future! 

Laura Orrico provided top notch PR service for our artists on Prize Fighter Records. She was professional and able to work with our budget. Also had great opportunities for interviews, articles, out-of-the-box PR ideas, and genuinely great to work with.

Laura Orrico Public Relations was neither the first nor only PR firm considered when I decided the time was opportune for a career boost, but I stopped my search after meeting with Laura. She won me over with her confident grasp of my business brand needs, her empathetic understanding in charting a strategy, and most importantly, her infectious enthusiasm to achieve results. From the get-go, her firm garnered an array of web press and interviews via video, radio, and article write-ups promoting my brand and current film project; eight in as many weeks, achieving a balance of local, national, and even international press for myself and the film.

During our time under contract, Laura was professional, prompt and proactive, compiling a comprehensive client overview and providing timely PR updates. Even after our term expired, she continued to follow up, and even extended perks like invitations to media events where I could expand my networking opportunities with industry trend-setters and veterans alike.  I look forward to working again soon with Laura Orrico Public Relations, LLC.

client testimonials

When I needed someone to handle my PR, I didn't think of anyone but Laura Orrico Public Relations. I knew Laura and her husband out in L.A. before she started her PR firm, so I knew how professional and trustworthy she was before I needed this assistance. As an established actor, I've had all kinds of PR in the past. I can tell you that when you hire Laura Orrico Public Relations, they are immediately on top of the situation you need reported and get to work right away. From the Press Releases to the interviews they set up for me, it was all handled extremely professionally and timely. When you need PR done now or in the future, look to Laura Orrico Public Relations to help you get your message out in a fast and professional way.

When I started working with Laura Orrico Public Relations, I had zero exposure for my documentary. Within several weeks, Laura got me on a top-rated national show and interviews with multiple online sites that were major influencers. As a result, my documentary gained buzz and our Facebook followers increased significantly. Laura and her associates kept pushing and, for one of my subjects in the film, she landed two major interviews with Milwaukee's NBC and Fox networks.

All of this served to get the ball rolling and we now have people from other sites reaching out on their own and talking about the film. Throughout all of this, Laura was available to me 100% and her attention to detail was spot on. Things are never good enough for her and she was always reaching for that extra five or ten yards to give our film that leg up. As a result, our film that nobody knew about in the beginning now has two distribution deals. All of which would not have been possible without Laura's efforts.

Bobby McNeily Midwest Regional Manager - Turning Point USA

BSM Stoneking Best-Selling Author

Fred Hausman President of Prize Fighter Records

Laura Orrico must be your go-to for all public relations needs. As a former candidate for Wheaton City Council, Ms. Orrico assisted me with media relations and press releases that were second to none. Her networking prowess provided me with appearances on webcasts, radio programs, newspapers, and magazines. As a result, I was able to clearly articulate my message in a race that had little mainstream press coverage due to its size.

Laura is also a very talented photographer and has a knack for hosting events. Her experience will assist you in capturing the best moments for your networking opportunities. I wholeheartedly recommend Laura Orrico for your public relations needs as you will not find a more well-rounded professional in the Chicago market.

I connected with Laura around a year ago when she contacted me to schedule several of her clients for an interview on The New American Veteran, a video podcast focused on veteran issues.  As I watched the clear dedication she showed her clients and the impressive follow-up with which she ensured her clients were prepared for the interviews, it became apparent she could help our nonprofit.

We engaged with Laura Orrico Public Relations to help us increase visibility and participation with our annual awareness and fundraising event, Run Ranger Run which occurs every February.  As a nonprofit, we are limited in the funds we are able to apply to external support so we were only able to work with her for three months – but the overall results were astounding.  By the end of the campaign we nearly doubled our original goal, and I believe Laura’s focused approach to getting us additional coverage contributed to our success.  I look forward to working with her and her team in the future!